4 Static Mirrors


Silhouette-covered linebreak:

               a margin revealing the thought

                                            The thoughts

                                in shorthand imagery—

abstracted by illusion/insight:


recovered blueprints of a pyramid

               or watching the movie

                        the dark movie

                        from a balcony

               from a square-knot lovegrip

white-knuckles embrace—


oil and water—

               fear hovering over decay

                        like an Indian meditation trick:

               empty socks

another story story night.


He says — It’s in your languorous breath —

        She says — if it’s your mood —

He says — as if it could thaw —

        She says — that icing on your shoulder —

He says — like sulphur —

        She says — you can cut another candle —

He says — with a deathbed strapped to your back —

        She says — or try on another pair of sunglasses.


Topless walls:

               vassopressor hormones

                       insomnolent breathing;


theta waves

or shudders of light climbing

   thrilling drugs induced by thought....

shadow-colored movements:

                                                        black lightbulb.



Static liquids:

combustible perspiration

                purple-kindling nailpolish

        flint scarred fingertips —

inverted-rubbing matchheads… 

tender-loving matchheads.


He says — A wound that gives and takes —

        She says — never care what you say, it’s the tone —

He says — sloppy like a chainsaw massacre

          She says — love you madly more than felated osmosis


              Their phoenix of desire:

cyclical charging system

          of involved chemistral-nervousity;

evolving morbid mordacity

                        (Estranged in extreme lovemaking)

                                nearly-fatal razorblade ecstasies


                                (They fuck closer to the edge every time):


avocational Chinese water torture

helter skelter shock treatment

illegal accessorial acetylation

helter skelter death fusion

smoldering gengerds —

black candles.



69 drawn closer = 8         is infinity:

                             dark culminating from inside out —

                                        smoke-infused retinas:


                                        interpupillary embers —

                                these creatures with elaborate eyes

                        feed implosively at night

                Sandfire near the water 

oceansteam on the mirror.


He says — Heavy change, your devotion like the blind —

        She says — in the way you arch into and —

He says — like dropping nickels and pennies —

        She says — above like a funnel, but with the pressure of



Nefarious percolations of thought:

        drinks that get you punchdrunk

                or brain cancer;

                        potentially potent acidity,

                                alkaline viscid fluids


                                        (You should see the straw they use):


                                vulvalating stasis,

                        that feast

inducing hunger:

cunnilingual escargot


pink snail pie.



Watching their dark selves:

                the movie

                        the dark movie

                                from a dark balconey:


                                from a broken chain of reference

                        too late for panic

                highspeed projections

of phallic contusions:


                                        the special effects

                                of nerve speed,

                        poisonous cilia:

                venereal necrosis —

the flytrap spits out

                                                a desiccated carcass.


He says — A reincarnation I can’t … can’t forget you —

        She says — a little more helium and you won’t remember anything 

He says — Squeeze my wrists —

        She says — that mercury climb in your —

He says  — or like heroin —

        She says — those speedometer needles in your eyes —

He says — You won’t need a fast car —

        She says — cat-like … but with more static —

He says — I can scare you into orgasm —

        She says — like it when you hold my throat … it makes me feel trusting.


Cigarette-morning darkness:

                ebbed back by beta waves

strung down from encephalin reception;

                                        smoke scented sweat debris;

                                         subtle stains they leave:

food for obsession:

little thoughts

that go bump.


--- Chris Custer