Kurt Cline, a poet and performance artist, is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  His work has appeared in numerous magazines, including the legendary Beat-organ Beatitude.  He is the founder of the Magic Poetry Circus ─ a troupe of magicians, acrobats and clowns bringing poetry alive through magic for schools, civic organizations, and the paying public, in art spaces, community festivals and auditoriums throughout New York state.  Cline currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he writes songs, practices kung fu, listens to the birds, and teaches literature and creative writing. 

Chris Custer, a poet, novelist, educator, world traveler, and the creator of this Spouting Poetry Web site.   Chris began his college education on a partial scholarship in wrestling.  Three Master's degrees later, Chris has been the editor of no less than  three literary journals while seeing the publication of his own poetry, short stories, travel articles, and book reviews.   You can write to Chris Custer through chris@spoutingpoetry.com. 

Marybeth Tereszkiewicz, an artist  in painting, dancing, acting, directing and choreographing, Ms. Tereskiewicz is profoundly committed to testing the physical boundaries and connections between the dance floor and the painter's canvas.  From continual experiments with innovative forms and structures, Ms. Tereskiewicz's artistic expression now flows with the movement, balance, precision, varied rhythms, shading, and lighting of her best choreography.  The result is a hybrid of abstract imagery and visceral gestures that offer her viewers a catharsis of deep emotionspaintings that ripple in their stillness as they aim to resolve wherever they disturb to expose.  Marybeth Tereskiewicz now lives in San Francisco with her seven year old daughter and teaches Visual and Performing Arts at a private high school.