Three Poems on Larrieu's Le Lit Defait (the bed undone)





Larrieus photograph gives away

the crime jailgray & sunwhite

mystifies its twinbeds divide

the room a Bed & Breakfast Inn












in which one bed is left unmade the other made as a table holds a

breakfast shared by two lovers left the right bed unmade the left

bed pillowless left holding a breakfast half-consumed under the

window half-resplendent in bars of sun & shade tea glasses glass-

lit & lit-gray from the tray; lit from above & under, from window

& metal the outside & inside converge: the twin glasses fill with

gray light divides the photo

grain texture in half-tone

symmetry of escape (((adult

traces of mind/body remnants

divides the room in black & white

high-contrast Larrieu gives away the

-ery perhaps))) through the habitual

in perfect symmetry: the two/lovers

with twinbeds (((incest perhaps))) pulled closer; the gap between

no more practical a deterrence than Walpoles sword; nor less sym

-bolic their love purloined under the guise of say A & B; the

room divides where there were two who split the scene as though a

crime disturbs a hot swarm of grainy dust in which the room myst

-ified becomes regional/thematic as an allegory to A & B.



--- Chris Custer