An Eye for Memory



    An Eye For Memory


1.     In the Bedroom

bamboo shades:
efficacious little birdís nest
The real of sleep, pausing
in the eye of transition
reverse to the real, strands
of light like
an eyelash yellow and blurry

2.     Images We Carry

to balance successive values, summoned
fancies. Experiences
leveling not deepening
into wider focus, your debut
yeared/yet recalled:
sensual night
ominous as a Van Gough painting
Dark peace of: ocean swaddled
in waves of sky
knighted purple

3.     Poised In the Eye

of sensation: your expression
uncertain as snow
indented by hail
Eyes sweep left; a smooth dream
under your skin rained upon.   Splash of hair
against darkness

4.     And Eyes

blurred in the eye of time
The petty warmth of impulse
running head-on to that not lost
but perfectly unpreservable
Spasms of desperate clarity
this insistence of time
into time
designs of evolution:
to be distorted not captured
by thought

5.     And This Moment

fragile, one room bellies
into the other, and you
pausing in mid-breath
a myriad crispness
one foot slow like straw
tapers in in thought
your lip made soft
by mi-steps through time

--- Chris Custer